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Vukidz Growing!

01 May 2019

Vukidz is elearning for kids and the Vukidz catalog is growing. With Vukidz, lessons are designed to capture a child’s attention with learning that is visual, fun and engaging. Vubiz President, Jim Rapino said the topics are useful. “business teaches kids valuable life skills and encourages entrepreneurship, a key driver of our economy. We believe it’s important to leverage our expertise in elearning to help kids understand money, finance and business.” New courses for Vukidz this year include Travelling Safely, Everyday Measuring, the US Political System and Online Shopping. The Vukidz Catalog includes courses in budgeting, finance, bullying, life skills and more. Call or email us today to see how we can add our catalog of dozens of elearning courses for kids to your company or association’s elearning portal. Employees love offering Vukidz to their families.

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