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Learning and Development in 2021

Learning and Development in 2021

With so many changes happening daily across the globe, staying on top of your companies learning and development is critical in 2021.

That’s why we thought we’d share with you this great piece from eLearning Industry. The article, ‘How Learning and Development Professionals are Preparing for the Future’, was written by Matt Cross and shines a light on the lessons learned from the major disruptions from the pandemic and how to plan for a future with-and-post COVID-19.

Matt Cross is a learning and development consultant with over 15 years of hands-on experience in facilitating employee training and implementing eLearning solutions. His tips include:

STOP: How To Prepare For What's Next

  • S: Scan the organization/systems
  • T: Target the trends emerging and on the horizon
  • O: Optimize resources most likely to have a critical impact
  • P: Proceed to execute plan

Matt said:

“Changes are certainly nothing new. Some say they seem to be increasing as the personal world expands beyond the immediate geographic range to one continually impacted by global changes. The growing role of technology continues to surface as both a driver and a solution during these disruptions. As we evolve in this world impacted by quarantines and globalization, the role of eLearning will escalate from a future need to a current requirement and as the predominant theme in the evolving world of learning and development in the 21st century.”

eLearning Industry is the leading publishing platform that delivers inspiring, industry-specific content to eLearning professionals. They publish upwards of 150 articles in 60 categories a month, resulting in approximately one million users.

Click the link below to head over to the eLearning Industry website to find out more about learning and development to help your business thrive in 2021.

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