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Ladder Safety Month 2021

Ladder Safety Month 2021

Every year, March marks ‘National Ladder Safety Month’, and at Vubiz we understand that every step matters when putting the front foot forward.

Over 100 people die every year in ladder-related accidents and thousands more suffer disabling injuries. This important month in the calendar has been designed to raise awareness on ladder safety and help try to decrease the number of ladder-related injuries.

Our Ladder Safety training course is specifically designed for employees in the workplace or anyone using a ladder. In this course, we will review what you should know about safe use of ladders in the workplace. This course is designed to show safe measures when using ladders.

On completion of this Ladder Safety course, the user will be able to identify:

  • Features and safety tips for ladders made of wood, aluminum, and fiberglass
  • Safe set-up and placement procedures for different types of ladders
  • Guidelines for safe use of ladders
  • The role of the employee and the manager/supervisor in maintaining ladder safety

Ladder accidents are preventable, but without better safety training we will unfortunately continue to see far too many fatalities. Click the link below to find out more about our Ladder Safety course and let’s all try to create a safer working environment for everyone.

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