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Improve Your Employee Training Environments

Improve Your Employee Training Environments

If you’re looking to improve your employee training environments, we’ve found five amazing wellness strategies to make them more calming and productive.

Amanda Couturier has put together a brilliant article for the Training Industry website called ‘Five Wellness Strategies to Make Training Environments More Productive’ that is the perfect guide to help create the perfect space for your learners to train.

Amanda is a corporate wellness expert and owner of Whole Life Wellness in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She’s even created afree e-book on workplace wellness that features more tips on how to create the perfect training spaces. Her fantastic article cover such employee training environment topics as:

  • Expectations, schedules and communication
  • Thoughtful and flexible layouts
  • Relaxing interior design ideas
  • Easy-to-access tools and materials
  • Beneficial breaks

Amanda said:

“Whether it is continuing education or an introduction to a new workplace, training sessions are a wonderful opportunity for learners to engage and absorb new and important information. In the same way that the newly learned concepts will carry over to employees’ workdays, a positive experience in the training session will have a benefit on the information retained. The intersection between the way we build out training spaces and the way they are used is easily attainable when taking a trainee-focused approach. These workspace wellness techniques are just the first step toward striking that delicate balance. After all, the more comfortable and supportive the training session, the more successful the outcome for individuals and teams.”

Click the link below to check out Amanda’s fantastic tips in full and find out how you can improve your employee training environments today.

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