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Children’s Well-Being During the Pandemic

Children’s Well-Being During the Pandemic

Your children’s well-being during the pandemic is vitally important, that’s why we thought we’d share with you this great article written by Jessica Hicks for Thrive Global.

Thrive Global help the world’s leading enterprises to build healthy habits. They do this through a combination of inspirational storytelling and actionable micro-steps to help navigate these challenging times with less stress and greater resilience. As children get to grips with learning and playing from home, it’s important that we find ways to build new routines to invigorate their minds and bodies.

We currently have some great FREE courses available for children to keep them not only active, but also informed about what’s going on. Our eLearning Worried About Coronavirus course helps children 12 and under to identify techniques to help them relax and understand facts about the pandemic. While our Free Kidz Bundle features sixteen courses to keep the minds of children 12 and under active and invigorated.

The Thrive Global article offers some great advice on scheduling, calming exercises, screen time and coping skills

Jessica said:

“We know children are resilient. We know parents are rising up to the challenges of these times, as they stretch boundaries and schedules in an attempt to make, work, school, and everything from home function as seamlessly as possible. But none of this is to say each family member’s mental health isn’t suffering — in fact, they are feeling more stressed and less productive than they were in our pre-pandemic world. Thrive Global research shows that 78% of parents feel that COVID-19 has had a significant negative impact on their mental well-being, and almost 90% are experiencing challenges balancing work and family responsibilities.”

Click the link below to read the full article and help your children’s well-being during the pandemic.

Read Thrive Global article